International Students Summer 2014 graduation

It is well known that there is a considerable number of international students enrolled in studies at the Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding who became an integrated part of educational and post educational processes of our university. They are now perceived not as foreigners from another countries but as the members of NUOS big and friendly family.

Among the range of activities related to this year international student’s graduation, the official diploma awarding ceremony organized by Institute for the Humanities is worth mentioning.

The event was celebrated to great affect, accompanied by songs, dances and acrobatic performances. A new component of the festivity has being added up this year – international students from the countries outside CIS - Peoples Republic of China, Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Republic of Kenya which have being trained in different areas of study, have received their diplomas along with the Ukrainian and international students of the Humanities Department.

Pro-rector Trushlyakov Yevheniy Ivanovych congratulated recent graduates on behalf of the rectorate and wished them good luck, fair wind and full sails.

The students received warm wishes in Turkmen from Bobina Oleh Valeriyovych, the director of the Institute for the Humanities and were pleasantly surprised by his knowledge of their native language.

The Director of ESCIC congratulated the international students with this wonderful holiday and expressed his firm belief that our diploma will help them develop professionally, fulfill their potential and settle in life.

The Educational Scientific Center of International Cooperation wishes the graduates all the best and good luck in their future endeavours.