Delegation from Stord/Haugesund University (Norway) Visits NUS

On March 15 and 16, 2012 a delegation from Stord/Haugesund University (HSH) visited the Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding. The delegation comprised of:

- Johnny Velde-Jensen, Head of the International Affairs Centre;
- Bjarne Paulsen Husted, associate professor of the school of engineering;
- Bjarne Christian Hagen, associate professor of the school of engineering.
On the first day of the visit the delegation was warmly welcomed by the Rector of the university Sergiy Sergiyovych Ryzhkov. A range of questions on long-term cooperation were discussed together with the Pro-Rector of the Scientific Research and Educational Work and International Affairs Trushliakov Eugeniy Ivanovych and the Head of the ESCIC Ryzhkov Oleksandr Sergiiovych. In the nearest future the main attention will be focused on mutual programs on students and postgraduates exchange as well as giving lectures by the NUS and HSH teachers.
The lectures were given in English with sequential translation into Russian in terms of the existing Contract on cooperation between the NUS and HSH.
On March 15, Bjarne Paulsen Husted gave the following lectures:
Lecture 1: The use of fire simulation on ships.
Lecture 2: Use of water mist to extinguish fires in engine rooms.
On March 16, Bjarne Christian Hagen gave the below mentioned lecture:
Human behavior in fire – Evacuation of passenger ships.
It is notable that the lectures were given to the group of different students which comprised of Ukrainian students of engineering and shipbuilding specialties and Chinese students studying in terms of educational program «2+2» between the Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding and International Maritime College, Zhejiang.
There was not a single listener indifferent to the exciting topics of the lectures which is proved by the lively and informative discussion between the teachers and students.
Apart from the lectures the candidates for educational programs “One Semester Exchange” and “Postgraduates Exchange” were interviewed by the Head of the International Affairs Centre of HSH Johnny Velde-Jensen. Admission of application was held by ESCIC from November 11, 2011 to February 03, 2012. In the nearest future the names of the winners will be announced.
Moreover, our colleagues from Norway expressed a desire to deepen into the history of our university. In connection with this Stepan Osipovich Makarov Museum was visited. Our guests were listening to the story about a noble naval man, oceanographer, polar researcher, shipbuilder and developer of Russian semaphore alphabet. At the end of the visit each of the guests rang the ship’s bell which has become a tradition. 
Such events will be held regularly to increase the interest of Ukrainian and foreign students in studying, broaden their minds and give the opportunity to communicate with teachers and scientists from other countries in friendly atmosphere.