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At the Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding on a contract basis study citizens of the United States of America, Federal Republic of Germany, the People's Republic of China, Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Iran, Pakistan, Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, Libya, India, Saudi Arabia, Tunis, Nigeria, Cameroon, Guinea, Kenya and the CIS countries – Russia, Belorussia, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova and others.

In NUS are conditions not only for studying, but also for substantial leisure, development of natural talents and abilities of foreign students. In territory of all buildings of the university and in specialized computer classes is free Internet (Wi-Fi) for simplification of contacts with families of foreign students. The quantity of the foreign citizens who wish to study at our university constantly increases.

At the solemn initiation into students

The NUS structure 

The University provides training of qualified professionals for different industries: bachelors, masters, post-graduate students, and also scientists – candidates and doctors of sciences.


Shipbuilding institute. The modern vessel is one of the most difficult engineering designs. Thousand experts of the enterprises and the design organizations work over its creation. The shipbuilding institute prepares experts not only for shipbuilding, but also for industry allied industries.


Directions of tuition: Shipbuilding and oceantechnology: Marine technologies; computer’s Design  of the Marine Transport; Shipbuilding Technology, Organization and Management; International information in Marine Activities.


Institute of Computers and Engineer-Technological sciences. This institute prepares highly skilled specialists in area of computers technologies for different fields of industry, financial and administrative spheres, scientific researches and education.


Directions of tuition: Welding; Engineering Material Science; Computers Sciences; Programming Engineering; Projects Management.


Machinebuilding institute. An institute produces specialists in area of design, production and operation of marine power plans and equipment, and also for contiguous areas of industry.


Directions of tuition: Energy and machine building; Heat-and-Power Engineering; Technology of Machinebuilding; Ecology and Environment protection.


Institute of Automation and Electrical Engineering. Students study fundamental engineering disciplines and professional disciplines as well: electrical appliances and systems, electronics and computer’s devices, electrical engineering equipment and marine checking systems during their staying in the Institute of Automation and Electrical Engineering.


Directions of tuition: Electrotechnique and Electrotechnology; Electromechanics; Electronic instruments and systems; Instruments Design; Computer Engineering; System’s Engineering; Systems for the Technical Protection of Information.


Humanitarian Institute. This Institute carries out tuition of the specialists in modern languages, find arts, laws, design and sport for different fields of society.


Directions of tuition: Law; Philology; Fine arts; Sports.


Economical Faculty. Important basis of graduating student’s career are knowledge of bases of economic theory and other specialized fundamental courses: marketing, macroeconomics, microeconomics, equities, information systems and technologies, financing, exchange activity and other important market sciences.


Directions of tuition: Economics of enterprises; Accounting and audit; Finances and credit; Management.

Diplomas for participation in regional sports competitions


Admission Rules for Foreign Citizens

Foreign citizens, which would like to get education in the NUS, have to pass the pre-admission educational division. Duration process in the pre-admission educational division is 10 months. Foreign citizens get the graduation certificate after successes passing exams. This certificate gives the permission to enter any University in Ukraine.
Foreign citizens, which like to get the education in Ukraine, have to apply for the Invitation. This Invitation allows to apply for the student’s entrance visa to Ukraine.
For getting Invitation, foreign citizens have to send by mail, fax or e-mail to Educational Scientific Center of International Cooperation applying letters and copies of the following documents translated into Russian (Ukraine):

- international passport, with complete address of residence;


- certificate of AIDS absence;


- education certificate.


On arrival in Ukraine foreign citizen must have the following documents:

- invitation in original;

- legalized copy of Education Certificate and record list;

- medical certificate, which confirms of AIDS-infection absence. This certificate should be given out not earlier than two months prior to entrance to Ukraine;


- legalized Medical certificate, which confirms absence of medical contra-indications for the residence in Ukraine. It should be given out not earlier than two months prior to entrance to Ukraine and it should be notarized officially as well;


- legalized copy of Birth certificate.


- insurance policy for providing of urgent medical care.


- ticket for returning back the with opened date, a year validity;


- 8 photos size of 6x4.

Administration of the University completes the Contract for tuition with a foreign citizen in case of complete set of documents has presence. Contract takes a power after its full payment. Foreign citizens, which study in other Universities of Ukraine, can be transferred to National University of Shipbuilding. For this purpose, they have to give the following documents:

- pre-admission educational graduation certificate;

- academic certificate;

- permission of the University Administration from which student is transferring.

On the ship theory lessons

Payment for tuition into Russian Language: on bachelor’s level is from $1990 per year and on master’s level is from $2390 per year and into English Language: on bachelor’s level is from $2700 per year and on master’s level is from $3100 per year. The University provides tuition of postgraduate and Doctors of Sciences for the different fields of industry. Payment is $4000 per year and $6000 per year accordantly.
The National University of Shipbuilding gives for foreign students 2-3 people’s comfortable rooms in a hostel. The price of one place in a hostel is from 40$ per month approximately.
We invite you to get the education in our University which guarantees high-quality level of tuition!
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