Historical Reference

The Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding (NUS) is a leading higher educational institution in Ukraine which prepares experts for ship-building and industry and national economy allied industries.

In April, 1901 the Ministry of National Education of the Russian Empire has informed about “the highest command” concerning opening in Mykolayiv since July 1st, 1902 of average mehaniko-technical school which became base for creation of our University.

   On September 18th, 1920 in Mykolayiv industrial technical school has begun its studies, the structure of that included such branches: ship-building, mechanical, electro technical and road building. The Mykolayiv industrial technical school had the status of a higher educational institution, and the qualification of the engineer was appropriated to its graduating students. The study course in technical school was carried out during 3 years.

The Mykolayiv industrial technical school with all its institutions, that were at it (work department, professional technical school of teen workers) located in its own buildings that had adress: Kuznechnaia street, 3 (now it's Skorohodova, 5).

In 1926-1927 educational year the industrial technical school will be reorganized in shipbuilding technical school with increase in term of study from three till full four years. During this period it has been created and equipped laboratories of resistance of materials, chemistry, heat engineering.

In 1929 the Mykolayiv shipbuilding technical school has been united with the Mykolayiv evening working technical school. This institution has received the name of the Mykolayiv machine-building institute. However in 1930 after association with ship-building department of the Odessa polytechnic institute it has been renamed into the Mykolayiv Shipbuilding Institute (MSI).

Till 1941 MSI has prepared over 1700 experts of engineering qualification who worked in shipbuilding and other branches of a national economy.

At the beginning of the Great Patriotic War in the MSI have worked 94 teachers and have studied almost 700 students. About 500 students, teachers and employees of the institute, have been called in numbers of Red Army and have gone to the front; the others have been directed to the building of defensive constructions and harvesting. Institute evacuation has begun. At first MSI has opened in Stalingrade, then in Astrakhan and later has made a decision to open institute in Przhevalsk in the Kirghiz Soviet Socialist Republic. In military years at institute worked 22 department, has been let out over 370 young experts.

   On 30th June, 1944 is made the decision about a returning the institute to a native city and on 1st October, 1944 in Mykolayiv have begun studies in the MSI. And in 1945 began basic works of five year's plan of restoration and institute development. For this was allocated 36,5 million of khrb. At that time that was a big sum. Till the end of 1947 the main buildings of the institute have been renewed.

By decision of the government of the USSR in 1949 MSI had been appropriated a name of an admiral Makarov – the native of Mykolayiv, the known scientific ship-builder, an admiral-naval commander.

In 1946 at the institute was created postgraduate study on the basis of leading departments from specialities: a design of the case of the ship; technology of a vessel construction; ship steam turbines; ship steam coppers; ship internal combustion engines. In 1946 – 1950 the institute establishes scientific relationships with many advanced scientific institutions of the country. The subjects of scientific researches extended Every year. In 1955 the majority of teachers (over 80 %) took part in research work of institute.

   On 18th September, 1970 in day of fifty years anniversary by the Decree of Presidium of the Supreme Rada of USSR Admiral Makarov MSI has been awarded the order of the Labour Red Flag for the merits in preparation of engineering workers and for tne achievements in development of scientific researches.

On 17th May, 1971 in front of the Victory park took place a solemn opening of a new institute building. This day have begun excavations for a construction of a 13-storeyed building of a student's hostel for 1295 places.

In 1971 at the institute took place the first graduation of engineers-economists. The state examination committee has appropriated qualification of the engineer-economist to 50 graduates of the institute.

In 1994 by decision of the Cabinet of Ministers council of Ukraine Admiral Makarov National Shipbuilding University has received the highest (fourth) level of accreditation, the status of University and the name – “the Ukrainian State Sea Technical University”.

The University has possibility to create in its structure new educational institutions, scientific institutions of different types, independently to plan and develop search and basic researches. At the University has been selected on a democratic basis the rector – a Doctor of Technology, professor S.S.Ryzhkov.

Today University structure has: 8 institutes, 3 faculties, versatile Sea lycée, branch, in Kherson, branch and educational-consulting offices in 3 cities of Ukraine. In NUS study almost 12 thousand students in 26 areas and 30 specialities. The University provides preparation of qualified professionals: bachelors, experts and masters; modern level of scientific researches and preparation of teachers, candidates and doctors of sciences.

The preparation structure considers specificity of activity and real requirements of the enterprises and establishments of Southern and other regions of Ukraine. The basic customers of University for preparation of engineering and scientific workers there are enterprises of shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, energetics and other enterprises and establishments of Ukraine.

    Besides preparation of highly skilled experts at the University is scientific work which basic directions cover a wide spectrum of questions of fundamental and applied character. In departments work 68 doctors of sciences, professors, 256 candidates of science, senior lecturers.

According to the University profile research and developmental works were carried out in priority directions of development of a science and technics, namely: designing of ships of new generation; safety on the sea; creation of unmanned underwater-means and complexes for performance search, technological, investigate and inspection works, including deep-water; creation of new technologies of processing, welding of materials, researches of a condition and properties high-alloy alloys, working out of equipment of nondestructive control and diagnostics; creation, research and working out of the perspective power equipment; creation of new non-polluting energy sources on firm fuel and heat-accumulating complexes; certification of polymetric systems for metrological maintenance of onboard and coastal complexes; improvement of a ship electric equipment and automatics systems, working out of methods and means of increase of efficiency of touch maintenance and information complexes of hierarchically organized control systems.

The order of the Cabinet of Ministers of industrial policy and education of Ukraine USSTU it is defined by the main organization from preparation of experts of welding of the ship-building industry. Coupled with German organization SLVGM-V in 1998 for shipbuilding was prepared more than 20 engineers of welding according to the European norms.

Long-term work of scientists of the University in branch of perfection of ship power installations, shipbuilding, creation of submersibles, has allowed University to take a worthy place among world leading Universities.

Considering a nation-wide and international recognition of results of activity of the Ukrainian State Sea Admiral Makarov Technical University, it's powerful contribution to the national education and science development, the Decree of the President of Ukraine on 25th March, 2004 it is decided to give to University the status National and to call it as Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding.

In the conditions of world cooperation and division of labor the University continues to develop the international relationships with many countries of the world (Germany, China, France, Holland, the USA, Iran, etc.), the general scientific workings out are conducted, leading experts, post-graduate students and students trained abroad.

During existence the University has prepared about 40 thousand engineers - ship builders, machine engineers, electricians, economists, programmers. Our graduates work at ship-building factories of Ukraine, the CIS, at the different enterprises of a machinebuilding and power profile, at the organizations and banks, in the governmental structures.

The Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding as one of the oldest higher educational institutions of our city has a high rating among modern youth.