Migea (Mykolayiv region)

Not every resident of Mykolayiv region knows what a unique place he lives in. No doubt that, foreign guests of our region have no idea about the wonders that Mykolayiv land can offer. Modern foreign students are completely wrapped up in their studies and all they basically see are university walls, their hostel rooms, cafes, clubs and restaurants where they spend their leisure time. And we, by the way, also we have other things to be greatly proud and boast of.

The Educational Scientific Centre of International Cooperation of the National University of Shipbuilding and the Regional State Administration have carried out a unique event -- an unforgettable excursion for the foreign students of our university to the conservation area of Granitno-stepovoe Pobuzhie in Migea, which is known as a settlement with a centuries-old history.
Students had a chance to admire extreme beauty of the local nature, to walk down the picturesque coast of the South Bug River, to practice horse riding, to have a rest together with friends by the evening campfire. Everybody was extremely delighted and charmed by the beauties of Mykolayiv. And, no wonder, that the trip provoked the idea to make more of such trips. Now the ESCIC is planning to organize the trips annually.
Link: http://idept.nuos.edu.ua/en