National University of Shipbuilding

Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding

Admiral Makarov National University of  Shipbuilding  (NUS) was founded in 1920 and is the leading of higher educational establishment in Ukraine, which prepares specialists for shipbuilding and contiguous fields of industry and national economy. Concerning national and international confession of University, his considerable contribution to development of education and science, by Decree of President of Ukraine in 2004 status of National was appropriated. Educational establishment for the history arranged more than 50 thousand specialists for domestic and foreign shipbuilding others industries. 

Dear foreign citizens! We will be very glad to welcome you in National University of Shipbuilding, where you can obtain deep knowledge in different fields of science and techniques, become a high qualified specialists with diplomas. It will give you an opportunity to obtain the honorable place in the society. Welcome to Ukraine!

President of Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Sergey Ryzhkov


Structure of University. University's Structure includes: Shipbuilding Institute, Institute of Computers and Engineer-Technological Sciences, Machinebuilding Institute, Institute of Automation and Electrical Engineering, Humanitarian Institute, Economical faculty. The University provides tuition of specialists of high qualification for the different fields of industry: Bachelors (4 years), Master's degrees (from 1 up to 1,5 years), and highest skills scientist: – Ph.D  and Doctors of Sciences (3 years) as well.


Shipbuilding institute. Modern ship is one of most elaborate engineering designs. Thousands of specialists of enterprises and designers organizations work above his creation. A shipbuilding institute prepares specialists not only for shipbuilding, and for contiguous fields of industry.



Directions of tuition:

• Shipbuilding and oceantechniques.

• Marine Technologies.

• Computer's Design of the Marine Transport.

• Shipbuilding Technology, Organization and Management.

• International Information in Marine Activities.


Institute of Computers and Engineer-Technological sciences. This institute prepares highly skilled specialists in area of computers technologies for different fields of industry, financial and administrative spheres, scientific researches and education.

Directions of tuition:

• Welding.

• Engineering Material Science.

• Computers Sciences.

• Programming Engineering.

• Projects Management.


Machinebuilding institute. An institute produces specialists in area of design, production and operation of marine power plants and equipment, and also for contiguous areas of industry.

Directions of tuition:

• Energy and machine building.

• Heat-and-Power Engineering.

• Technology of Machinebuilding.

• Ecology and Environment protection.


Institute of Automation and Electrical Engineering. Students study fundamental engineering disciplines and professional disciplines as well: electrical appliances and systems, electronics and computer's devices, electrical engineering equipment and marine checking systems during their staying in the Institute of Automation and Electrical Engineering.

Directions of tuition:

• Electrotechnique and Electrotechnolody.

• Electromechanics.

• Electronic instruments and systems.

• Instruments Design.

• Computer Engineering.

• System's Engineering.

• Systems for the Technical Protection of Information.


Humanitarian Institute. This Institute carries out tuition of the specialists in modern languages, fine arts, laws, design and sport for different fields of society.

Directions of tuition:

• Law.

• Philology.

• Fine arts.

• Sport.


Economical Faculty. Important basis of graduating student's career are knowledge of bases of economic theory and other specialized fundamental courses: marketing, macroeconomics, microeconomics, equities, information systems and technologies, financing, exchange activity and other important market sciences.

Directions of tuition:

• Economics of enterprises.

• Accounting and audit.

• Finances and credit.

• Management.


Payment for tuition into Russian Language: on bachelor's level is from $1900 per year and on master's level is $2100 per year and into English Language: on bachelor's level is from $2700 per year and on master's level is from $3000 per year. Payment for Ph.D is $4000 per year and for Doctors of Sciences $6000 per year.



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