The ship of cooperation with China is confidently sailing though the waters of educational programs

This past school year could be said to have been a real durability test for our university, The international activity was affected as well. Despite all the difficulties, the commitments NUOS made to foreign partners are being fulfilled without exception. It is pleased to state that the cooperation with Zhejiang Ocean University in China has strengthened even more through the implementation of the 3+X educational program.

A delegation of professors from NUOS visited Zhoushan, China in May - June 2014 to deliver two education programs of work with Zhejiang Ocean University in China.

Minyaylovoy Alevtyna Volodymyrivna - Associate Professor and the Head of Modern Languages Department, traditionally participated in the work of 2+2 program.

Lectures and tutorial classes in English and Russian languages have being conducted with students. Multistage vocational guidance has being carried out among the students of this educational institution.

The tasks of the new 3+x program have being undertaken by Chernytskyy Volodymyr Borysovych, Ph.D - Professor of Applied Linguistics Department. He was tasked to teach a special English Language Class, focused on using shipbuilding terminology.

In order to attain the goal prof. Chernitskii initiated a visit to the shipyard in the city of Zhoushan, where each student had an opportunity to visually acquire and apply new knowledge.

The delegation has successfully achieved its objectives and returned back home.


Sincerely, ESCIC