Rector's Greeting

Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding is a leading higher educational institution of Ukraine; it trains experts for the shipbuilding and related branches of industry and for the national economy. During its existence for more than 85 years the University has trained nearly 55,000 experts for the domestic and international shipbuilding industries.

Nowadays the University consists of 9 institutes, 2 faculties, the Maritime Lyceum, the branch in Kherson, departments and research advisory centers in other towns of Ukraine. More than 12,000 students study at  the National University of Shipbuilding in 26 specializations and 30 specialities.

The University trains skilled personnel in engineering and science – Junior Specialists, Bachelors, Specialists, Masters. It sustains the modern level of the scientific research and teachers’ training, Candidates of Sciences and Doctors of Sciences. 

The scientific and educational process in NUS is provided by 57 departments with more than 600 teachers working, 68 of which are Doctors of Sciences and Professors, 256 – Candidates of Sciences and Associate Professors. The University takes a leading place among the higher educational institutions of III-IV accreditation levels of Myckolayiv region due to the number of students, specialities, teachers with academic degrees and ranks, scientific schools and research orientations variety.

There is an excellent research and design infrastructure in the University; its basis is defined by the scientific and expert board of the University, scientific and technical boards of different research orientations, 15 scientific schools, particularly “Research of the New Ship Nautical Qualities and Design”, “Fuel Development and Burning”, “Soldering and Welding with Pressure in Vacuum”, “Conditioning and Refrigerating Engineering”, “Perspective Energy Technologies”, “Gas-Thermal Coatings”. There are 7 research laboratories and 6 scientific and technical institutes – particularly, Polymeric System Metrological Certification Center, Submarine Technology Institute, Energy-Saving Institute, Environmental Safety Institute – that are well-known all over Ukraine and abroad.

There are well-known scientists and shipbuilders among our graduates, such as O.G. Arkhangorodsky (a founder of the Structural Mechanics Scientific School in MSI – a well-known abbreviation of the former name for National University of Shipbuildig, Myckolayiv Shipbuilding Institute – and of the ship longevity research for the fishing fleet of Kaliningrad), B.M. Buznik (a correspondent member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, a well-known scientist in heat engineering), Y.Y. Voytkunsky (a well-known expert in theory of vessel and hydromechanics), A.B. Gankevych (a director of the 61 Communards Shipyard, a director of the Black Sea Shipyard, an initiator of the aircraft carrier building in the Black Sea Shipyard), E.P. Yegorov (a general director of the Northern Engineering Company (a town of Severodvinsk, 1952-1972); he was ahead of  the building of the first soviet nuclear-powered submarine “Leninsky komsomol” (1957), and of 70 more submarines, he was said to be the main builder of the atomic fleet), V.F. Zabotin (a general director of the Industrial Shipbuilding Merger of Kherson, an initiator of modern technology and automatic welding implementation in the national shipbuilding), S.M. Kovalyov (a design manager of the works “Rubin” (a town of St. Petersburg (former Leningrad), an outstanding builder of the soviet and Russian nuclear-powered submarines, including the most dangerous submarine “Tayfun”; he designed 91 atomic submarines), B.I. Kupensky (a design manager of the Northern Design Office (a town of St. Petersburg (former Leningrad), a design manager of the world’s brand new ships – large anti-submarine ships and an impact atomic cruiser “Kirov”), I.I. Nosenko (a people's commissar of the soviet shipbuilding; during the first year of the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) he had organized and managed heavy industry evacuation to the East; he sustained tank industry development, managed the post-war restoration and the domestic shipbuilding development; he was buried near the Kremlin), G.L. Prosyankin (a director of an engineering company “Zvezdochka”, a director of the Northern Engineering Company (1972-1986), a director of a scientific production association “Zvezdochka” (a town of Severodvinsk), 108 atomic submarines were built under his direction), T.E. Tovstykh (a director of Leningrad Baltic Shipyard, a rector of Leningrad Shipbuilding Institute for 30 years), G.M. Chernyschov (a head and a design manager of a works “Malakhit” (Leningrad), a creator of the most low-noise atomic submarine “Akula”, he designed 54 atomic submarines). This list is just a small part of all the famous graduates of the University.

The University has 5 buildings, including a renovated campus on the peninsula between the Inhul and the Southern Bug, two health complexes, two hostels and two buildings for training, sport, cultural, scientific and intellectual development and rest  of all the personnel (12,000 people). There are also some convenient seaside health resorts at the Black Sea (in a town of Ochakiv and Koblevo village) for the students and personnel to rest and have a great time in summer. 

Welcome to our University. I look forward to our fruitful collaboration.